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2 year Diploma in Crystal Therapy

Thank you for showing an interest in the Holistic Measures 2 Year Diploma Course in Crystal Therapy. The developers of this course are both Reiki Master Teachers and are Crystal trained to diploma level. Both have a medical background in nursing giving them a good basic knowledge of the human body in its physical form. Their spiritual training enhances this knowledge allowing them see how the physical body connects to its subtle energy system.

This course has been accredited by the International Practitioners Of Holistic Medicine (IPHM).

The course is divided into 24 distance learning modules and four intensive one day crystal therapy workshops, and a final assessment of your ability to work as a Crystal Therapist. The workshops can be arranged specifically for the student, but may be either as a group or as a one to one session.

A pass mark of 70% must be achieved for each module.

Our students receive a comprehensive handout / workbook for each module which is expected to be completed and handed in and will be marked prior to the completion of the next module. Each module will give information on various aspects of becoming a crystal therapists as well as covering over 100 crystals. In addition, our students are expected to submit case studies some of which will relate to the topics in the module.

At least 90 different crystals are covered during the course and we will add to this list as an when new crystals become available. A full crystal list will be sent with your first module.

During the course you will be including meditations to help with understanding your crystals etc.

Subjects and Topics to be covered during the 2 Year Syllabus:

There are a wide range of subjects covered, including:

Anatomy & Physiology

Angel Messages and Signs

Animals and Crystals

Aura and Chakra Systems

Aura Sprays

Choosing & Caring for your Crystals

Confidentiality, History Taking

Contraindications to Crystal Therapy

Creating a sacred Space

Creating your own layouts

Crystal forms and shapes

Crystal Formations

Crystal Grids & Layouts

Crystal Waters, Sprays and Elixirs

Grounding and Protection

Medical conditions & emergencies

Pendulum Dowsing

Psychic Attack, Psychic Mugging, Psychic Protection, Psychic Self Protection, Psychic Surgery, Psychic Vampires

Sacred Geometry


Throughout the course, students will be encouraged to create their own crystal layouts as well as practice the ones that we provide in the modules and during the workshops. Our aim is to produce autonomous therapists who will be able to recognise their own intuition and to develop their own intuitive skills when working with both clients and crystals. We want all students to blossom into confident therapists with a good understanding of Crystals allowing them to work clearly and safely as a Crystal therapist.

Our vision for the successful student is:

To be competent in the use of crystals

To have a good understanding and knowledge of over 90 crystals

To have received instruction to a high standard

To have grown as a person, nurturing a love of crystals along the way

To have shown the ability to work intuitively and recognise instructions and guidance from their own spirit guides

To have acquired the skills required of them as well as the knowledge to know when they may need to seek additional guidance from another colleague or professional

Happy and has enjoyed their crystal journey leaving always wanting to know more

To have been nurtured an individual, allowing them to become confident in their own ability to be a strong channel for the healing energies

Students will be given information on one crystal per module and will be expected to research a further 4 crystals via the internet, books as well as by meditation, which allow the students to make a personal connection with their crystals and work tools. At the end of each module the student will be expected to answer a series of questions and present your research in your own words. We do not accept work that is simply copied and pasted from the internet. Students will be expected to produce at least one case study per module detailing any treatments, crystals used and personal and client experience. A client feedback form should be submitted with every case study.

We will provide you with a study pack which includes:

A full study time table for the 24 months which aims to keep you on track to complete your goal.

A full list of the crystals including when they are due to be covered during the course and those which are free choice.

A full subject list of when all topics are due to be covered.

A sample meditation and evaluation so that you know what standard of work we are looking for.

Please note that you can purchase the course at a whole price or wait and pay for each module as you get to it, which although in the long term may work out more expensive but often easier to budget for not only your purse but also your time

Diploma in Crystal Therapy

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