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Crystal Cleansing and Care

There are many ways to cleanse and re-energise your crystals; none of them are any better than another although some crystals should never be cleansed with water based methods.  It is your intention that is important. The following are a selection of the most commonly used methods:

 Water with sunshine or moonshine

One of the easiest methods is by holding the crystals under running water, or immersing them in sea or salted water.  During this washing you should hold the intention that all the negativity will be washed away and then by allowing them to dry in the sunshine or moonshine, they will be fully re-energised and ready to be used again.  In dry weather, you can leave your crystals outside to enjoy the sun or moon, but placing them on a window sill will be fine.

However, caution should be used when using this method.  It should not be used with friable or pointed crystals, nor on crystals that are likely to fade in the sunlight.  Some crystals, like selenite are water soluble, and therefore should not be cleansed with this method. As a precaution any crystal that ends in -ite is probably water soluble.  It is also important not to place the crystals where the rays can focus on the crystals in a way which could start a fire.

 Sea Salt or Rock Salt

Your more delicate crystals and crystal clusters can be left overnight in sea or rock salt.  The following morning, gently brush the salt away with a very soft paintbrush.  It is important to ensure that all the salt is brushed away as it could damage the crystals, especially if left in a damp atmosphere.

 Dried Herbs or Flowers

Very delicate or water soluble crystals such as Selenite could be cleansed on a bed of dried herbs or flowers such as Lavender.


A slightly longer, but equally effective method is "smudging".  You can either use a specially prepared smudge stick - these are usually made with herbs, the most commonly used is sage; or you can use an incense stick.  Light the smudge or incense stick and place securely in a holder.  Simply wave the crystal in the smoke from the stick, turning the crystal over and over within the smoke, keeping your intent on cleansing and re-energising it.  You can also cleanse your crystal by using a candle flame in the same way, with the obvious caution of not getting too close to the naked flame.

Crystal Cleansing Sprays

These work in the same way as "Smudging" but without the mess and potential for setting off the fire alarm.  Simply spray the crystals and dry off with a soft dry cloth.  For further information, please see our section on Cleansing sprays

Other Crystals

Another easy method of cleansing your crystals is to keep them in a bag or box with one of the crystals which have the ability to cleanse and re-energise other crystals, for example, carnelian, amethyst and clear quartz.  You should subsequently cleanse these. 

Amethyst and clear quartz clusters can also be used to cleanse and re-energise smaller crystals, simply place the crystals on the cluster and leave overnight.

 Cleansing Meditations

There are guided meditations which will enable you to cleanse several crystals in one go and relax you at the same time. 

 Tingsha bells or Singing bowls

Gently "clinking" a set of Tingsha bells over the crystals, or using a singing bowl will also cleanse your crystals with sound.

Crystal Cleansing and Care

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