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Crystal & Reiki Therapy


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Sheila is an approved crystal/Reiki therapist with the International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine (IPHM) https://iphm.co.uk

Crystal / Reiki Therapies

Although they are separate therapies in their own right, we usually combine crystals with the Reiki they complement each other so well. At the beginning of a therapy session you will be asked to confirm that you are happy to have both therapies.

There is no additional charge for having the therapies combined.

Crystal therapy can be described as the "art of laying crystals on and around the body". When used in combination with Reiki may be laid on or around the body prior to the Reiki commencing, but are often moved, taken off or different crystals added through out the session. Each crystal is chosen to help with different symptoms or issues that need help to ease or resolve.

Reiki therapy is a spiritually-guided, life force energy going through a Reiki therapist to the client as they relax on a therapy table or in a chair if they are not able to lie down. Reiki can be given any time, anywhere, to anyone or anything in the same room or another place; state or country.

Reiki is not associated with any religions or religious teachings from any eastern or western cultures. Dr Usui, the founder, used methods and realisations for Reiki following a spiritual experience that he had when he was on Mt. Kurama, in Japan. Reiki moved to the western world in the mid – 1900’s, with Usui Reiki teachings as the main guide. By studying the energies and Chakras that Dr. Usui introduced, students were able to develop skills and practice Reiki.

A Reiki therapist uses and lives with the set of principals set down by Dr Usui. These principals become part of their lives; they use Reiki for spiritual, emotional, physical, and mental healing. Reiki can bring balance and harmony to one’s life as well as healing.

What happens during a Reiki Session?

Initially your Reiki Therapist will sit with you and discuss your reasons for requesting the healing session and will ask you to complete a brief medical history sheet and sign a consent form for the healing. The therapist will also discuss exactly what she will be doing during the session; depending on what medical or psychological problems you wish help with, she will also use some crystals to increase the healing level and she will discuss with you the crystals that she would like to use. If you prefer not to have any crystals, please make this clear to your therapist.

When you are both ready, the therapist will ask you to lay on the therapy couch and if not already playing, will start some relaxing music playing in the background.

When you are comfortable, the therapist will place the crystals around you – she may also place some on the floor under the therapy table. When she is happy with the positioning of the crystals, the therapist will stand quietly for a few minutes before starting your healing session.

It is usual for our therapist to start by placing her hands on the crown of your head before proceeding in the following order:

over both ears

one hand on your forehead and the other under your neck

under your chin

upper chest

upper tummy

around about your belly button area

on both hips

After which she will work her way round your knees, ankles, and feet, starting on the right knee and ending on the left knee.

The above order of positions are not set in stone, and our therapist, may change the order, or go back to one or more positions if she feels there is a specific need to do so. Many clients find they get very warm during the healing process, but as soon as the session ends, become quite cold, so it would be advisable to have a warm jumper handy to put on at the end.

Towards the end of the healing session, you will feel the therapist pressing her thumbs into the ball of your feet, before gently touching you on the shoulder. She will remove the crystals before letting you get gently off the therapy table.

It is advisable to have three or four glasses of plain water (either tap or bottled) over the next couple of hours.

What conditions can Reiki help with?

Virtually anything and everything. Obviously we are not able to cure all conditions, but we can ease the pain and burden of most problems. Those faced with terminal diseases often find that the stress and distress is greatly eased and they benefit from the relaxing one to one sessions that Reiki offers, as do their loved ones.

People with stressed related conditions do benefit greatly from Reiki therapies, though this cannot be guaranteed.

Under no circumstances would we ever advocate a client giving up the traditional treatments offered by medical doctors. Reiki and Crystals are used in conjunction with and not instead of traditional therapies.

Many pregnant women enjoy the benefits of Reiki and reported they have had lovely tempered and placid babies....... though this cannot be guaranteed!

Sheila is a Master Practitioner/Teacher registered with the Independent Professional Therapists International.