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Beech Wand


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This lovely gentle Beech wand has been lovingly cared for and carved having been harvested on 21st June 2016 (Summer Solstice) and measures approx 34.5 cm in length with quite a curve in it.

The Beech Wand (Fagus Grandifolia)

Date harvested: 21st June 2016 – Summer Solstice; Bodmin Moor area

Harvest method – Ritual with offering

Phagos (Ph 10) additional consonant of the Ogham alphabet.

A Sacred tree of the Celtic astrology (22nd December) and also the Sacred wood of the Summer Solstice.

Beech Associations:

Colour – Light blue

Class – Chieftain

Gender - Feminine

Element – Air and Earth

Planet – Mercury and Saturn

Birds – Swallow, Crow

Zodiac – Sagittarius, Gemini, Virgo

Animal - Stag

Beech Properties:

Confidence with “moving on”, meeting changes

Opening communications with spirit and other deities

Luck and success

Prosperity, wisdom

Learning and understanding

Beech is said to reveal ancient knowledge and often used in divination.

It is a good conductor of energies but does not hold the energy well.

Beech wands open strong lines of communication.

The Beech Fairy is strongly feminine and a Queen, the “Mother of the Woods” whose gifts are prosperity and wisdom, also aids those who are hanging on to rigid ideas which need to be let go before they can move on; it is believed that she may grant wishes to those who believe in her.

The Beech Fairy helps with recovery of ancient wisdom and creates a gentle magical atmosphere allowing a true connection with the past.

This wand has been “treated” with beeswax polish following its de-barking and sanding process; it has had the following herbs inserted into the handle:

Mugwort – for strength, protection and cleansing

Vervain – for protection and purification

Yarrow – for clearing negativity and easing fears