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Clear Quartz and Moldavite Pendant



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This lovely Clear Quartz drop pendant has a lovely little piece of Moldavite set into it.

Although lovely energy is around this pendant and it is not easily notable, there is a slightly rough area down one side of the quartz, possibly where it may not have been fully polished and smoothed before the Moldavite was added?

The pendant is set in sterling silver and comes with a silver plated chain (approx 18 inches). The pendant has a 6 cm drop.

Clear Quartz

Zodiac signs: All signs

Chakras: All Chakras

Anniversary years: 3, 10,15

Clear quartz is known as one of the Master Healers and can be used for any situation. Clear quartz is believed to aid concentration and decision making so would make a helpful study aid.

Clear Quartz acts as a spiritual energy amplifier raising and strengthening your spiritual connection and attuning you to your spiritual purpose.

It is therefore also a good crystal for holding during meditation.


Zodiac Sign: Taurus

Chakras: Heart, Brow, Crown

Moldavite was formed as a result of a meteorite’s impact with the earth and comes with a high vibrational status, so much so that when first held one may experience an intense period of an almost allergic reaction with sweating, racing pulse etc. and many also become very emotional on a scale between laughter and tears or both! This has been termed as the “Moldavite Flush”.

It is thought to boost one’s spiritual connections and development in some cases very rapidly, hence it being known as a “stone of connectivity”.

It is a very useful aid for meditation and dream recall and interpretations, it also helps to clear various blockages, not only in the physical sense but also in the emotional, psychological and spiritual sense thus helping to remove “unhealthy” attachments. Moldavite helps to reach into the deepest inner self and to recognise and honour ourselves and release what is no longer needed or helpful, joining the heart and mind, allowing them to work together in harmony.