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Manifestation Meditation Melts


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These lovely Manifestation Melts have been made using soy wax blended with Patchouli essential oil and have a mixture of Carnelian, Emerald and Peridot included within the wax. There are enough segments in each pack for you to break off one for five meditations.

There is one crystal in each of the 5 sections although the combination within each pack varies.

When you have finished the meditation and the wax has cooled, you may like to clean the crystal and hold it in your hand for the next meditation.

These melts are not highly scented and therefore not intended as room scents.

Getting the best result from your melts

  • Choose a time when you are not going to be disturbed, turning phone etc off!
  • Before starting have a clear and exact goal for what you want to achieve. “I want to …….”. It is no use having a wishy washy goal, or the words that are not exactly what you want/need; you need to be exact, precise and very clear with your intention/goal so that there are no ambiguous wording.
  • Prepare your burner & the melt, using one segment for each meditation, making sure it is in a safe place away from drafts, children, pets, but near where you meditate; have meditation or quiet gentle music in the background.
  • Light the candle beneath your melt.
  • Ground & protect yourself.
  • Settle comfortably and begin to go into your meditation with the intention of achieving the planned goal. Keep the goal at the forefront of your mind.
  • You can come back from the meditation before the melt has finished, just leave it to finish.
  • You will need to do at least 3 meditations over the next few days - no more than one a day.