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Orange Calcite, Epidot and Mica Egg


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This is a lovely crystal egg has been fashioned from a natural combination of three minerals - Orange Calcite, Epidot and Mica; it comes from and was shaped and polished in Madagascar.

It measures approximately 5.5 cm tall and weighs approximately 184 gm making it a bit heavy, but still a good companion for meditation session.

Orange Calcite

Zodiac sign: Cancer

Chakras: Base, sacral

Orange Calcite is a lovely bright stone is believed to be a good study aid, helping with motivation; it also is good for easing those periods of stress and for giving an energy boost during the long miserable days during the winter months with its bright "sunny" nature.


Chakras: Base, sacral, heart, brow

Zodiac Sign: Aquarius

Mica contains element metals such as Potassium, Lithium, Aluminium and Silica; it is classed as a toxic mineral, especially in its natural state and must be handled with caution.

Mica helps to align the chakras, release old blocked energy aligning and stabilising the energy fields; it can also help with clairvoyance.

Mica is thought to be helpful with stabilising emotions, especially anger, hysterical outbursts, nervous situations, victim consciousness, inhumanity and enlarged ego issues, as well as aiding forgiveness, growth, joy and love (in all areas) assisting those that are lost to find their way again.

Mica helps to look at one’s self to see that what one sees in others and label, is what one chooses to see, this allows one to see oneself in others and eliminate patterns one does not like and embrace the ones that one does.

Mica can be used to grid the Earth where ever it is prone to earthquakes